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General Track Rules

Mini Stock Rules

Street Stock Rules

Street LS Motor Rules

Late Model Rules

Hornet Rules

Midget Rules

Rule Book Diagrams


All drivers must wear a full face helmet, Snell 2012 or newer

Seat Belts

How to mount seat belts

All classes must have seat belts dated 2016 or newer (5 year expiry date)

Additional Supplemental Rules

2019 Street Stock  for Special Aug 17

2019 Late Model Invitational

Track Information

Race Day Schedule

Car / Membership Fees

Staff/Volunteer Information

Contact Barb ten Bos at 604-819-5845. Click here to download a Volunteer application.

Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship Information


2021 Membership Form

Adult Waiver Form – Must be signed at Pit Gate prior to entry.

Waiver Form

Minor Waiver Forms – Must be 14 years or older to enter the Pit Area. The forms below must be completed and handed in prior to racing.  All areas of the waiver form must be complete.

English Waiver for Parental – The Parental Waiver form must be signed by the Parent or Guardian. 

English Waiver for Minors – This form is to be signed each race day by the Minor